Another workplace bully story

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Talk about closing the door on a bully boss.  After putting up with her boss’s harassment and manipulation for too long, a fed up worker evened up the score card.  The bully boss had swung his body around the corner from her office into the doorway of the office next door.   Unfortunately, he was still gripping the door jamb of the office he had just exited.  It was never established whether Ms. Fedup saw the bully boss’s fingers in the door jamb or not, but she simply walked over and closed her office door – hard.  Oh my … what a terrible accident!  He couldn’t flip the left hand bird for quite a while.

What’s your bully?

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One of the reasons that people can’t make New Year resolutions and achieve personal goals is that they can’t extricate themselves from difficult situations they are already in.  It is hard to move on when you are trapped.  In this case I am talking about being trapped at work by a bully.  So this year, I am going to use this blog to shine a light on workplace bullies.  Together we are going to identify, shame, and prosecute a few.

Workplace bullies come in all shapes and sizes; commonly male but not always.  I have seen quite a few and it seems to me that they all have one thing in common.  That is, fear.  It is an inbuilt ‘fear of lack’ developed over a long period of time.  It comes from feeling insecure about some personal attribute – e.g. wealth, status, intelligence, competence, looks, height, popularity, libido.   It probably goes deeper than that but I’m not a psychologist.

Probing and knowing the cause doesn’t excuse the misery bullies cause but it does suggest how fragile they would be if we could strip away their props – e.g. the power, authority, and status symbols, not to mention eradicating that traditional festering environment called the average workplace.

It is my view that most workplace environments enable and empower bullies.  They are simply built for it.  The same structure that supposedly elicits the best work results is the one that causes most misery to its people.  It simply allows relationships that don’t exist elsewhere.  The age-old hierarchical structure and the master-servant relationships of the workplace are tailor made for the underachiever looking to slip the collar of self control and respect for others.

Send me your bullying stories and let’s act.

Establishing a positive focus

When it comes to achieving your goals, your mindset needs to be a positive one, extending forward into abundance.  It really helps to overcome inertia; and to generate positive action, movement and momentum.

You can’t afford to sit in a puddle with your mind dwelling on the negative, focusing on retreat, cutting back, making do, substituting secondhand, doing without and stretching every dollar as far as possible.

Repeating a silent plea for more money is not focused, positive thinking.  It is merely wishing; born out of desperation.  There is not one positive action that supports it, and people can smell desperation a mile away.

Own the solution, not the problem!!  If you don’t, you will drive yourself nuts blaming others for your misfortune or lack of achievement; somehow justifying to yourself that you are a special case; convincing yourself that you are trapped in poverty and every door is closed to you.

If friends and colleagues also share your misery, find some new friends.  Like attracts like and misery loves company.  Your first step to freeing your mind is to talk to someone who sees the positive side of life.

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It is never too late!

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Following the powerful mind development principles of Aikido

Learning the art of Aikido was a sea change for me! When I learnt how to relax and maintain a calm mind under pressure, I discovered the ability to think very clearly.

For the most part, stress gradually became a thing of the past as I slowly worked out how not to put pressure on myself. Maintaining a calm mind under pressure is a much easier thing to do when you don’t feel pressure in the first place.

As a result, life became much more enjoyable. I worked through and solved some health problems and am still actively on the path of becoming healthier than I have been in a decade.

Even the process of making money changed. It is now a much more enjoyable activity because I go with my own flow and choose what I want to do and who I want to do it with.

Real wealth started to flow in my life when I learnt to relax my mind and stay calm. Aikido was 100% responsible for my change of mindset. By real wealth I mean wellness, happiness, family, good friends as well as money.

Real wealth is so much more of a well rounded concept than the mere pursuit of money. It’s hard to believe before you have experienced it but when everything else is aligned, money just happens.

If you want to follow the same path I did, then stop fighting against yourself.  Be happy with who you are and quit resisting the perception of others being luckier and things not going your way.  Find your peace and develop an ethic of calm positive action.  If you do, you will find that the money flows.

In business terms, money is not the strategy itself it is the result of the strategy. When I feel relaxed and I am in a calm frame of mind, I find that money just flows. Worry and stress throws it into reverse and puts money further out of reach.

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Your success saboteurs

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Following the powerful principles of Aikido

Opportunity is often waiting for you to get out of the way!    Subconsciously, it is easy to get in the way and sabotage your own success by doing your best to keep everything the same.  Your two friends ‘fear’ and ‘self doubt’ are the culprits, so you need to find ways to silence them.

Self sabotage presents itself as a sudden stop on an initiative you were enthusiastic about a week ago and making excuses for not continuing to act and follow through.  The most common excuses for not following through on initiatives and new strategies are bushfires at work that need urgent attention or other more routine things need attention.

Once procrastination sets in, you are back on business flat-line.  The opportunity slowly fades away; there is no new life and no growth.  You attempted to break out, gave it a shot and nothing happened.  How frustrating!  Everything is exactly the same.  Welcome to the world of self sabotage.

The way out of this inertia is to recognise your avoidance behaviour and kick-start some momentum.  A very easy way to do this is to set your self up for small successes.  This means setting incredibly simple and achievable goals, not going too far out of your comfort zone and taking very small steps forward.

Another sure fire remedy for fear and self doubt is to connect with positive people.  These can be business friends, favourite clients or your mentor / business coach.  Positive collaboration does wonders for the soul.  Networking with other positive business people is an ideal strategy.

Nothing inspires further success like success itself. So keep your momentum going!  When small successes are easily achieved, make the steps a little bigger.  Keep making positive connections with other people.

Watch out for negative people who seek to slow you down or drag you back.  After a while you will feel their negative energy as soon as they come near you.  Avoid them at all costs.

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Do you lack business understanding?

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If only business was as simple as buying at one price and selling at another to make a profit. It should be that, but most overcomplicate it due to lack of understanding. Nevertheless, it is this blissfully simplistic notion that will seduce you and many other new entrants in launching a business enterprise, blind to the reality of what lies ahead and riding high on the dream of wealth and riches.

It is easy not to pay sufficient attention to the customer and it is even easier to avoid some of the more mind-numbing administration issues such as finance, inventory, cash flow, leasing, employment, industrial issues, occupational health & safety, compliance, licensing conditions, taxation and superannuation. Such avoidance and neglect can quickly unravel a promising enterprise.

Few new entrants fully understand what operating a business really means and it is almost impossible to gain such an appreciation until you have stood by the cash register and lived on nothing else but the sales you make. A University degree will not provide a true perspective, only experience from time served in business can do that.

I guess that is why Winston Churchill said that “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.

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#1 goal “financial independence”

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Life is much more than money but when living in such a structured society, money matters a lot.  Without it, participation in our society is challenging.

Achieving financial independence does not mean being among the richest 100 people in Australia.  It simply means being able to pay your bills and buying the things you need without being dependent on someone else for money.

You are not financially independent if you have to rely on your partner for money.  You are not financially independent if you have to rely on a job.  Why?  Because both can disappear or conditions can change overnight!

Financial independence is the ability for you personally to maintain income even if your relationship status changes or your job status changes.   Financial independence means maintaining adequate income even though you can’t work (e.g. become ill or have an accident) or choose not to work (e.g. to take a holiday or have a family).

Your capacity to physically go to work and your capacity to earn money are two different things.  You know you are financially independent when you are not relying on someone else to pay you for your 8 hours work each day and when you have broken the nexus between earning money and selling your time.

Financial independence is not a hard to achieve.  However, it does require a different way of thinking, and it does require that you break the bad habit of reliance on others.   Once achieved however, it represents peace of mind!

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Read how the secrets of aikido can change your life

What exactly is financial control?

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An important part of my business coaching in Brisbane is teaching financial control.  It is a fact that many small businesses fail because of poor financial management.

Financial control is about understanding the financial performance of your business and then taking steps to improve it.  To be effective, the control measures must provide financial information in real time

So what about your annual financial statements, are they of any use? 

Your accountant typically prepares an income statement and balance sheet several months after the close of the financial year.  The purpose is not financial control.  It is purely and simply compliance – the preparation of your business tax return.

Obtaining financial information via your tax accountant some 6-18 months after the event is useless for meaningful decision making .  Information that will truly aid your business decision making needs to be current.  That is, captured today, acted on tomorrow. 

There are a few key measures used by financial performance specialists that will reveal all about your business.  However, none of those can be calculated until you have a system that will capture current information about your business in a usable form.

So the first step is always to have a user friendly accounting system that is built to handle Australian accounting standards and protocols.  To make it work effectively though, you must set up the accounts properly in the first place.  This is the base upon which you will build your financial control system so it is important to seek professional help upfront.

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MLM business – go in with your eyes wide open

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Lesson #1 in my business coaching Brisbane practice is, “Go in with your eyes wide open!”  There are many things to think about if you are considering being a distributor in a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) organisation, including:

  1. Many people are going to cringe at the offer of an incredible ground floor business opportunity and relationships may be burned along the way.  However, if the products are good enough, customers should be asking you how to join as a distributor.
  2. Don’t be enticed by the perception of easy money.  Focus on the products and everything you do to satisfy and support your customers.  The product should be something of quality with high repeat demand.  It can’t merely be a cover for the flow of commission through a pyramid shaped network.
  3. Don’t be hooked by ‘the dream’ – the vision of wealth and lifestyle.  If you do, building a business may become a secondary consideration.  It is essential to set goals but keep your feet firmly on the ground and your head out of the clouds.
  4. There is a certainty (mathematically at least) that in time, your market area will become crowded with the very distributors you recruited; and by some you didn’t recruit.  There is no contractual protection of markets or territories.  It is survival of the fittest, so you must ensure that you and your business are the fittest.
  5. There must be a balance between selling product and recruiting distributors.  While many focus on recruiting only, someone somewhere along the line has to buy the product.  As in any business, your customers, together with quality products and quality service should be your primary areas of focus.

Understanding what you are dealing with is the first step in making your part of the MLM organisation a success.  Realise now that the majority of distributors will be unsuccessful.  Some will get caught up in the hype and will not focus on reality, while others will simply wither on the vine because they can’t sell product and / or can’t recruit distributors.

Those who start earlier or are nearer the top of the pyramid in their target geographical area are more likely to make money.  Those who start later and find themselves nearer the bottom of the pyramid in an area that is becoming distributor / product saturated are more likely to struggle.

So it will pay you to do some research in your target area before you commit.  Like any business, customer care and repeat sales are the keys.  They in turn depend on the quality of your communication and support, together with the strength of your relationships.

Note: I do not operate any form of MLM business, and I have no affiliations with MLM organisations.  I am an independent, professional specialising in business business coaching in Brisbane.  I am expressing my own views based on 25 years of coaching experience.  I have coached and advised clients who have participated in MLM business, and some who have sought advice before committing.   I have coached many more clients who have not participated in MLM business.  So if you would like an independent appraisal of any business opportunity, please contact me.

Business coaching Brisbane for MLM businesses

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A reputable, well-established Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company can be a great opportunity, particularly when it offers products that all but sell themselves. However, it takes ingenuity and hard work to build your own network sales organisation.  So consider my business coaching Brisbane practice!

About 90% of home-based businesses in Australia are owned and run by females.  A MLM network business is a very popular home business choice because it involves a low start up cost and product distribution is often handled by the MLM head office.

Nevertheless, there are several issues to consider when building a MLM business from home:

  1. The majority of distributors have never been in business before
  2. Family commitments make work-life balance challenging for many
  3. Many regard MLM as a low commitment family income supplement only
  4. Building sales is not the same thing as building a business – it is only part of the story
  5. Your introducer is involved in the business and may give you basic training and guidance but is not a business coach
  6. You must be careful that in building a network organisation, you build it on a firm footing
  7. Many MLMs offer online planning and coaching tuition, but they are one size fits all and not all are tailored to the Australian business marketplace. 

 Knowing and doing are two different things.  If you are not experienced in Australian business it helps to have an Australian business coach.  It is even more important if you work from home.  It is essential that you stay committed and focused in the face of family and household distractions.

You can’t rely on your introducer forever.  You should start thinking like a business owner, not a sales rep.  You need your own business blueprint because your life and individual circumstances are unique.

Start your business coaching today and start building your business.

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