Do you lack business understanding?

Business coaching Brisbane

If only business was as simple as buying at one price and selling at another to make a profit. It should be that, but most overcomplicate it due to lack of understanding. Nevertheless, it is this blissfully simplistic notion that will seduce you and many other new entrants in launching a business enterprise, blind to the reality of what lies ahead and riding high on the dream of wealth and riches.

It is easy not to pay sufficient attention to the customer and it is even easier to avoid some of the more mind-numbing administration issues such as finance, inventory, cash flow, leasing, employment, industrial issues, occupational health & safety, compliance, licensing conditions, taxation and superannuation. Such avoidance and neglect can quickly unravel a promising enterprise.

Few new entrants fully understand what operating a business really means and it is almost impossible to gain such an appreciation until you have stood by the cash register and lived on nothing else but the sales you make. A University degree will not provide a true perspective, only experience from time served in business can do that.

I guess that is why Winston Churchill said that “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.

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