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Many advisers struggling to pass the adviser exam have asked me what I think of the option of transferring to a general advice licensee. This is a way of circumventing the need to pass the FASEA adviser exam because the Code of Ethics only applies to personal advice provided to retail clients.  The Code doesn’t […]

Adviser Exam Management Tips

The adviser exam is pitched at AQF7 level, which is basically 1st year University standard.  To pass, you will need at least 65%. Unlike University exams where the lecturer and / or tutors set and mark the exam, the open-ended questions are farmed out to contract markers who did not set the exam.  Therefore, the […]


A lot of advisers ask me how much time to devote to study in preparation for the adviser exam.  It really depends how much lead time you are giving yourself.  That is, how many weeks before the exam will you start to study. In my view, the ideal is 12-weeks.  I know this time frame […]

Busting Personal Insurance Myths

If you apply for a ‘no medical and no blood test’ personal insurance, don’t assume you will be covered for any medical condition you already have.  Pre-existing health problems are generally excluded in the fine print of a personal insurance policy.  However, you might not find this out until years later at the time of […]

Finally, a superannuation change that’s a benefit

From 1st July this year and for the first time ever, most working Australians now have the opportunity to make personal contributions into their super account and claim those contributions as a tax deduction.  By having the ability to now make a personal tax deductible contribution into super, employees no longer have to rely on an […]

Are you Short of Super?

If you are in your forties, you are already into the second half of your working life.  Sooner or later, you will ask yourself if you have enough money to retire.  The answer will probably be no. According to ASFA, the mean average superannuation balance in the 2013-14 year for the 45-49 year age group was […]

Relationship-saving Money Strategies

Unfortunately, the December – January holiday period is not a happy time for everyone because it’s a time when many people decide to separate from their partner.  With year-end reflection and new-year resolution, it’s often seen as the opportunity for a fresh start. If you believe the statistics, money is at the root of separation more […]

Is your Personal Insurance Adequate?

The purpose of personal risk insurance is to maintain your lifestyle and financial prosperity when something goes wrong.  There are several types of health risks that you should consider but there is only one outcome that is important.  That is, to have the right amount of money delivered to the right person at just the […]

Four life Changing New Year Resolutions

Are you are looking for a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION that can actually change your life? Try these four 2017 money kick-start resolutions. If you want accumulate more money, then pay off your credit card and start saving.  That’s what resolutions 1 & 2 are about.  However, don’t forget about protecting yourself.  Keeping what you’ve got is […]