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The entrepreneurial spirit – Knowledge is power

Knowledge and people are the drivers of opportunity.  They are intertwined.  Without knowledge and a reasonable contact network, the well of opportunity simply dries up and it becomes hard to survive in business.  Starting up your own business without at least a basic level of business education is to seriously limit your effectiveness to function, […]

What is entrepreneurship?

When people think ‘entrepreneur’, many think inventing or dreaming up a new idea.  That’s not entrepreneurship, that’s creativity!  Sure, someone has to come up with the good ideas, but there have been countless good ideas in the world that have gone nowhere. Entrepreneurship is about getting new business rolling and that means action and implementation.  […]

Calling Australia’s entrepreneurs

Everyone expects to have a job in this country but relatively few people outside of government are prepared to create them.  Inspired performance, business growth and high paying jobs don’t come from rescuing, propping up and bailing out failing businesses. They come from entrepreneurship, new business start-ups and meeting demand profitably. The government’s GFC response […]