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Opportunity is often waiting for you to get out of the way!    Subconsciously, it is easy to get in the way and sabotage your own success by doing your best to keep everything the same.  Your two friends ‘fear’ and ‘self doubt’ are the culprits, so you need to find ways to silence them.

Self sabotage presents itself as a sudden stop on an initiative you were enthusiastic about a week ago and making excuses for not continuing to act and follow through.  The most common excuses for not following through on initiatives and new strategies are bushfires at work that need urgent attention or other more routine things need attention.

Once procrastination sets in, you are back on business flat-line.  The opportunity slowly fades away; there is no new life and no growth.  You attempted to break out, gave it a shot and nothing happened.  How frustrating!  Everything is exactly the same.  Welcome to the world of self sabotage.

The way out of this inertia is to recognise your avoidance behaviour and kick-start some momentum.  A very easy way to do this is to set your self up for small successes.  This means setting incredibly simple and achievable goals, not going too far out of your comfort zone and taking very small steps forward.

Another sure fire remedy for fear and self doubt is to connect with positive people.  These can be business friends, favourite clients or your mentor / business coach.  Positive collaboration does wonders for the soul.  Networking with other positive business people is an ideal strategy.

Nothing inspires further success like success itself. So keep your momentum going!  When small successes are easily achieved, make the steps a little bigger.  Keep making positive connections with other people.

Watch out for negative people who seek to slow you down or drag you back.  After a while you will feel their negative energy as soon as they come near you.  Avoid them at all costs.

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