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Following the powerful mind development principles of Aikido

Learning the art of Aikido was a sea change for me! When I learnt how to relax and maintain a calm mind under pressure, I discovered the ability to think very clearly.

For the most part, stress gradually became a thing of the past as I slowly worked out how not to put pressure on myself. Maintaining a calm mind under pressure is a much easier thing to do when you don’t feel pressure in the first place.

As a result, life became much more enjoyable. I worked through and solved some health problems and am still actively on the path of becoming healthier than I have been in a decade.

Even the process of making money changed. It is now a much more enjoyable activity because I go with my own flow and choose what I want to do and who I want to do it with.

Real wealth started to flow in my life when I learnt to relax my mind and stay calm. Aikido was 100% responsible for my change of mindset. By real wealth I mean wellness, happiness, family, good friends as well as money.

Real wealth is so much more of a well rounded concept than the mere pursuit of money. It’s hard to believe before you have experienced it but when everything else is aligned, money just happens.

If you want to follow the same path I did, then stop fighting against yourself.  Be happy with who you are and quit resisting the perception of others being luckier and things not going your way.  Find your peace and develop an ethic of calm positive action.  If you do, you will find that the money flows.

In business terms, money is not the strategy itself it is the result of the strategy. When I feel relaxed and I am in a calm frame of mind, I find that money just flows. Worry and stress throws it into reverse and puts money further out of reach.

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