Establishing a positive focus

When it comes to achieving your goals, your mindset needs to be a positive one, extending forward into abundance.  It really helps to overcome inertia; and to generate positive action, movement and momentum.

You can’t afford to sit in a puddle with your mind dwelling on the negative, focusing on retreat, cutting back, making do, substituting secondhand, doing without and stretching every dollar as far as possible.

Repeating a silent plea for more money is not focused, positive thinking.  It is merely wishing; born out of desperation.  There is not one positive action that supports it, and people can smell desperation a mile away.

Own the solution, not the problem!!  If you don’t, you will drive yourself nuts blaming others for your misfortune or lack of achievement; somehow justifying to yourself that you are a special case; convincing yourself that you are trapped in poverty and every door is closed to you.

If friends and colleagues also share your misery, find some new friends.  Like attracts like and misery loves company.  Your first step to freeing your mind is to talk to someone who sees the positive side of life.

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