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Life is much more than money but when living in such a structured society, money matters a lot.  Without it, participation in our society is challenging.

Achieving financial independence does not mean being among the richest 100 people in Australia.  It simply means being able to pay your bills and buying the things you need without being dependent on someone else for money.

You are not financially independent if you have to rely on your partner for money.  You are not financially independent if you have to rely on a job.  Why?  Because both can disappear or conditions can change overnight!

Financial independence is the ability for you personally to maintain income even if your relationship status changes or your job status changes.   Financial independence means maintaining adequate income even though you can’t work (e.g. become ill or have an accident) or choose not to work (e.g. to take a holiday or have a family).

Your capacity to physically go to work and your capacity to earn money are two different things.  You know you are financially independent when you are not relying on someone else to pay you for your 8 hours work each day and when you have broken the nexus between earning money and selling your time.

Financial independence is not a hard to achieve.  However, it does require a different way of thinking, and it does require that you break the bad habit of reliance on others.   Once achieved however, it represents peace of mind!

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