First rule of planning

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The only plan you have is the one you create yourself.

If you don’t have a plan then you will fly by the seat of your pants.  Most people don’t work to a business plan and end up working long hours to make a mediochre living.

If you don’t have a written down plan then you don’t really have a plan.  All you have is good intention to back up your ideas.

Putting your plan into writing demonstrates:

  • Your commitment
  • That you have firm goals
  • That you have done research and gained knowledge
  • You see the problems as well as the opportunities
  • You know your limits and the resources you need

Creating a business plan or financial plan is the first step in creating positive change.  At first, it might be no more than a written reflection of your aspiration and imagination, but subsequent research will reveal the obstacles and opportunities and make the probable possible.  Your action will then make the possible real.

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