The mobile website revolution is just beginning

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Before the iPhone´s launch, browsing the Internet from a mobile phone was more of a chore than a convenience.  That is not the case any longer.  The iPhone has changed the way mobile phones are being used to access the Internet.

With the iPhone’s large, multi-touch screen, mobile internet browsing is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to computer monitor-based browsing.

In addition to a website that displays optimally on large LCD monitors, the internet component of your business will now require and a different website that displays optimally on a mobile phone screen.  The idea is to design each to suit the medium on which it is being viewed.

Although each website design will need a different approach, the goal is still the same – to drive visitor action, whether that is to make a phone call, submit a form, or buy a product.

Consumers are changing the way they make purchasing decisions.  They are already using geo-location facilities to find their nearest shop and using apps to compare prices, find local discounts and check inventories.  It is often faster to scan a barcode or check a mobile website for product information than to ask a store assistant.

This rapid change in consumer buying behaviour means huge opportunities for tech savvy retailers and internet marketers.

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