Bad news spreads faster

Business Management Tips

Reports of bad service can be aired and multiplied rapidly across social media; and it has the potential to ruin Australian businesses in a short space of time. 

Whether Australian consumers are justified in their complaint or not, the communication power they now hold in airing their opinions can be devastating. 

An American Express dining study found that on average, people are 50% more likely to complain to others, than complain directly to the dining establishment. The study highlighted the popularity of social media as an outlet to air grievances.

An American Express global customer service barometer survey also found that Australians voice their frustrations more often and to more people than most other countries surveyed. 

On average, a disgruntled Australian customer will tell an average of 23 people about bad service compared to an average of 10 they will tell about good service.

It is interesting to note that Australian consumers also tend to avoid direct confrontation with a provider of poor service, but they are not slow in telling everyone else.

This business management tip should spell a warning to business to take good care of their customers.  The responsibility for customer care applies across the entire business, not just to front line sales people.  It also implemented through relationship management, service standards, terms of trade, returns policies and warranty policies.

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