IP cameras focus on better customer understanding

Business management tips

Understanding your customer is paramount and technology is beginning to play a bigger part in this throughout the retail sector.  For business owners looking for business management tips to improve customer targeting skills, and the bolster the bottom line, it is worth taking a look at the uses of IP cameras.

An IP (Internet Protocol) camera is not just a camera.  It is also a computer processor and web server. This combination of technologies makes it possible to record images, compress them and transmit them in IP network or to the Internet.

Each camera has its own IP address and is connected directly to LAN (Local Area Network) or Internet.  Each camera can work completely independently.

The predominant use of IP cameras to date has been that of surveillance and security.  However, they can also be used in retail environments to monitor selected products or aisles and records shopper behavior.

This information can be used to identify barriers to sale or missed sales opportunities for both retailers and product manufacturers.

IP cameras can assist can be used to monitor shopping routes, the amount of time shoppers spend in shopping precincts, in front of specific products, or particular shop aisles.

They can also be used to assess the direction in which a store is walked through, most and least frequented areas, how people browse shelves or how they queue at checkouts.

This ‘tracking’ and ‘dwelling’ information can be displayed to store managers in the form of digital maps.  These help store owners to increase their understanding of the way customers behave and think.

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