Luck is the success you plan for

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When planning your 2012 resolutions, think about this!  ‘Luck’ is an unexpected outcome that befalls people who generally don’t act; don’t do; and love to procrastinate.  Luck plays no part in planning and operating a business or managing risk.  What appears to be luck to observers is simply what happens to people who act, do and persevere with it.   The more you swing the bat, the more you hit the ball.  Funnily enough, luck in business is actually the success you planned for, viewed through the eyes of self doubt.  If you can deal with your fear and believe in yourself, then most of the time, what might appear to be luck is no more than you should expect.

The mobile website revolution is just beginning

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Before the iPhone´s launch, browsing the Internet from a mobile phone was more of a chore than a convenience.  That is not the case any longer.  The iPhone has changed the way mobile phones are being used to access the Internet.

With the iPhone’s large, multi-touch screen, mobile internet browsing is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to computer monitor-based browsing.

In addition to a website that displays optimally on large LCD monitors, the internet component of your business will now require and a different website that displays optimally on a mobile phone screen.  The idea is to design each to suit the medium on which it is being viewed.

Although each website design will need a different approach, the goal is still the same – to drive visitor action, whether that is to make a phone call, submit a form, or buy a product.

Consumers are changing the way they make purchasing decisions.  They are already using geo-location facilities to find their nearest shop and using apps to compare prices, find local discounts and check inventories.  It is often faster to scan a barcode or check a mobile website for product information than to ask a store assistant.

This rapid change in consumer buying behaviour means huge opportunities for tech savvy retailers and internet marketers.

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Female entrepreneurs rule!

Here’s to female entrepreneurs!

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Entrepreneurs are starters and builders of business who are good at enlisting others in their cause.  Traditionally the majority of entrepreneurs have been male but more and more females are taking on new business startups and succeeding.

In my experience, female entrepreneurs are not better or worse than males.  They are different.  It is the biological and neurological differences between males and females that translate into different approaches to business startup and growth.

For example, walk into a female’s office and the décor is a little softer and a little more welcoming.  The space is a more organised and there is often evidence of a balanced life outside work.

In my experience, females are good listeners – the best listeners.  They tend to listen first and talk later, after they understand the need or issue.

Women can be very shy but once engaged in a conversation, they are much more social, and network really well, particularly with other women.  It seems to make no difference whether it is play group or a business breakfast women are capable of networking with each other many times faster than males.

In general I have always found a higher level of empathy among females.  It seems to go hand in hand with their willingness to engage and listen.  For mine, they are much better at putting themselves in another’s shoes, taking a genuine interest and taking the time to understand.

Women really get it!  They know it’s about socializing.  They know it’s about listening, really listening; starting conversations, interacting, bringing people together and collaborating with each other.

Moving away from the socialisation aspects, one of the biggest differences I have noticed is that females ask for advice and heed good advice much better than males.

They realise that they need help in certain areas and not afraid to ask.  They are very diligent with planning as well.  It is part of the need to be organised and knowing what is happening day to day.

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Business building tips Brisbane – Use brains not brawn

As Michelangelo said, “A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.”

So if you are looking for quality business building tips, a great piece of advice this wise old business plan consultant can give you is to build your business with your brains, not your brawn.

Just because you slave away at your office for 14 hours a day does not necessarily mean that you are in any way building a business.  It could be that you are just filling in the day.

Activity does not necessarily equate to productivity.  Regular attendance and routinely performing your trade or profession are not necessarily your highest payoff activities.

Doing those things may cause you to excel as a self employed, labour only sub-contractor.   But that is not building a business.  It is buying yourself a job and effectively working with your hands.

You must understand the difference!  You build a business when you extend your enterprise beyond yourself.  Your aim should be to finally make it independent of you.  To build a business that you own yet it doesn’t need you …. Now that’s brains!

Even though other people are involved, building your business is still building an extension of your self.  You are its brains, so it inherently carries your strengths, your values, your preferences, and your flaws.

Consequently, you can set yourself up for success or failure before you even open the doors.  If you actively seek opportunity, value good advice and surround your self with clever people, then you are setting up for success.

On the other hand, if you are internally focused, cutting corners and trying to do everything yourself then you are in for a rough ride and could be setting yourself up for failure.

There is a certain type of business that will suit you better than others.  There is also a type of culture that you will prefer.  You will have a particular way of doing things.  Your stamp will be all over it, so you should consider planning its design carefully.

That is why a business plan consultant can only guide you and mentor you.  They may even help you out with some of the more technical stuff, but at the end of the day it is your business.  No one else can (or should) ever plan your business without you.

So instead of looking at business planning as a touchy feely exercise or as a chore to please the Bank manager, view it as your golden opportunity to ‘paint with your brains’.

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