Managing start up business – an independent source of income

Focus on customers!

The focus of managing start up business should be to develop an independent source of income.  By doing so, it means that you have, or are in the process of removing yourself from the realm of ‘employee dependence’. 

Instead of depending on one source of income in the form of your employer, you are diversifying your income earning opportunities across a growing customer base.  The idea is that no one customer should be totally responsible for your income.

It is dangerous to put all your eggs into one basket.  Being an employee, there is no such thing as job security.   Although it may not appear to be so at first, there is much more job security by being a business owner and being in control of who contributes to your income.

If an employer withdraws his or her income you are basically out of a job.  However, if a customer withdraws income in the form of choosing to shop elsewhere, you should still have plenty more customers left to contribute to your income.  You can also add more at any time.

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How much do you enjoy work?

If you are thing about quitting your job and managing a start up business, this is worth a look!  This cleverly presented slideshow sums up beautifully what a lot of people put up with at work.  It is kindly shared by a UK based organisation   Watch this below!


And here is my comment … There are some really kind and considerate employers out there but tend to be in the minority.  At the same time, rude, inconsiderate and sometimes creepy co-workers seem to be in the majority; all competing to advance their own agenda.  So if you have moved around a bit in your industry and still not happy, it may be time for a permanent lifestyle change.  If you have lost the enjoyment of working for someone else and you deep down harbour a desire to march to the beat of your own drum, then it might be time to think about managing start up business for your self.

You can be the boss you always wanted to have; and you can regain the enjoyment of work by building your own workplace culture the way you would like it to be.  It is well known that the culture of a workplace, whether good or bad, whether by design or by default,  comes from the top.   Gather knowledge, get advice and get some good people on your side and it can be an enjoyable journey!

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