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Hi, welcome to my blog!  I thought I would share some business coaching insights with you and tell you a little about the way we work, as well as the cost of coaching.  Coaching includes business planning and business building.  We work with you in the expectation that you, in turn will work on your business. 

Our role is three-fold:

  • To help you develop your own style as an effective business operator
  • To help you recognise ways to improve your business performance
  • To help keep you focused on achieving your life-balance & lifestyle goals

It’s important to point out here that business building in Australia requires a different skill set to the technical skills you currently dispense to your customers; and that’s the case in any business. 

Two common reasons for small business struggle & failure are loneliness and lack of control.  Loneliness forces you to do everything, be everything, and make decisions in a vacuum. 

Lack of control means that your business controls you!  In other words, you follow where ever it leads you – often to be all things to all people.  So in the marketplace and in the back office, you do everything, be everything and chase everyone with no regard to the cost of your valuable time.

Business coaching puts focus into your activities.  It empowers you to take control and ‘position yourself’ instead of ‘being positioned’.  Focus also means you do ‘what’s important’, not always ‘what’s easy’.  It is about working smarter, not harder; working to an action plan towards achieving your goals.

My ideal client on a demographic basis is a financial planner or risk insurance adviser.  On a desire-to-work-with basis, my ideal client is energetic & determined; open-minded and willing to learn; willing to adapt and change; and most of all, willing to invest in their own future.   

I offer 3 levels of coaching to suit all budgets – intensive, standard and light – in simple terms, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.  Prices including GST are:

  • Intensive $1,540 per month
  • Standard $770 per month
  • Light $770 first month, then $385 per month  

I offer you the chance to build the type of business that suits your needs; to grow the lifestyle-asset and succession-asset you desire; and the opportunity to realise your full potential as a business owner-operator.

 Check me out at  You can also read from almost 200 original business articles on this blog.  These cover all aspects of business including business planning and business building in Australia.

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