Business planning – the way of harmony

Wooden prayer tablets

The basics of business planning are relatively easy.  It is the values you hold and how you treat and interact with others that will ultimately define your business.

After practicing the non-aggressive and non-competitive art of Aikido for many years, I can share with confidence the benefits of my own experiences.  Within the development of the non-fighting mind lays a great mental foundation for achievement.

It is not restricted to achievement in business.  It extends to all aspects of life.  The benefits of a martial mind are not skill specific.  They can be applied to achievement of what ever you want.

The non-fighting mind has infinitely wide application!

Of course, this is not the first time that martial principles have been applied to the conduct of business.  Remember Sun Tzu’s The Art of War?  That book became a worldwide sensation; and a reference for aggressive corporate decision making in Western society for many years.

The difference here is that Aikido is the art of peace, not war.  Instead of applying principles of war, the principles of peace are applied to the conduct of business.   It requires a different mindset but they are vastly more powerful.

It takes a long time to become proficient in the art of peace; just as it takes a long time for those with a fighting mind to choose peace over intimidation and aggression.

The Art of war found application in large companies who had or wanted dominating and intimidating market force.  Even though the central theme of this ancient classic was to win without fighting, a thinly veiled threat to unleash half a million blood thirsty warriors still amounts to intimidation.

The Art of Peace is for smaller business; those who would otherwise be defenseless against the intimidating behavior of corporate predators whose power lies in size and strength.  So bear in mind that your business planning can build a small but very powerful presence based on the Principles of Peace.

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