Business planning – it’s holistic approach whether you know it or not!

In business planning as in all other life maneuvering, we are primarily concerned with ourselves – our own sense of worth, our own dreams and ambition.

So it is not surprising that the success of business planning is highly dependent on the owner.  The characteristics and qualities of the owner ultimately shape a business.  That is why Angel Investors look closely at the qualities and capabilities of the entrepreneur and his or her team.

In business planning, no two businesses are the same.  It may look that way at the start of the process but it is never that way at the end.

When Gary Weigh & Associates works with a client to plan a new business or to renovate an existing business, the same principles apply but no two outcomes are ever the same.

Every business is painted the colour of its owner; and that colour is derived from the owner’s personality, beliefs, values, strengths and weaknesses.  Importantly, the way each business is operated reflects its owner’s state of mind.

The state of an owner’s personal life and relationships will have a direct influence on the business, as does the owner’s financial position.

That is why we insist on planning your business venture around your desired lifestyle.  Most people don’t do lifestyle planning, just as they pay little more than lip service to genuine business planning.

At Gary Weigh & Associates, personal life balance and business life balance are planned together.  Even then it is not a fixed narrow path.  It is an open, flexible approach.

This method has evolved over time as it has become obvious that template-type business planning simply doesn’t work.  There is more to it than product, market, structure and organisation alone.

This holistic approach is the only one that works these days, because in a fast and furious business environment, it addresses the needs of the whole person and related stakeholders beyond the business realm.

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