Business planning – it is all in the mind

Even in business planning, the brain is the most amazing gift we have. It is unique in its abilities and nothing we manufacture on earth can match it.  Unlike any computer the brain is capable of conscious thought, reason, insight, self awareness, abstraction and self protection.

What is truly amazing is that the brain never puts out a sign to say “I’m full!”  We can always build upon our ability to get more out of it.  It is a ‘use it or lose it’ nerve centre, sensory processor, thought factory and body regulator.

The more we learn, the more we actively use the brain.  The more we train the brain, the more powerful it becomes.  The brain thrives on the benefit of experience.  Our previous experiences build that context.  Therefore, when we use our eyes to see, we actually see in context.  Our perceptions don’t necessarily equate to reality.

When we decide to act, it is the brain that is actually leading the charge.   We generally make decisions based on what has worked well in the past (i.e. context).  When starting a business, there is often little or no direct previous experience to call on, but decisions are still made, rightly or wrongly.

All too often, blind enthusiasm can sweep the business novice past the commitment stage onto the business path.  Sometimes it is the right path.  Sometimes it is not!  Either way, there is no turning back.

The first serious reality check can find the first time entrepreneur immobilised in the middle of a new reality, unsure how to proceed; seeking solutions to problems never faced before.

Suddenly, procrastination and inaction are not options.  They are pre-commitment luxuries.  Solutions must be found for problems like chequered cash flow, ineffective marketing and unreliable relationships; problems typically encountered in a business start up.

Only a calm mind and positive action can find effective solutions.  Panic only serves to make the situation worse because the panicked mind always gives way to fear and plays out all manner of imagined outcomes of doom.  It becomes worse if the new owner is alone with no help.

I will continue on the need for a powerful business mind in my next business planning blog.  Check out my other blog at http://www.aikido-secrets–

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