Design your life and income YOUR WAY!

When you undertake life planning and business planning bear in mind that there is plenty of everything in this world except time!

If you want to generate a high income and live the lifestyle you dream of, you must design your work and your life in a time economic fashion.  You have only so much time and the clock is ticking.

There are no hard and fast rules about how to make money – apart from the obvious like:

  • Chase demand
  • Create a great offer
  • Be legal
  • Be ethical
  • Be trustworthy; and
  • Keep your income higher than your expenses.

There is no rule that says you must follow the herd to work each day and sell your time.
With a little creativity and determination, there are endless ways to make money, particularly with low cost internet access to a whole world full of customers.

Think different!  Use your imagination!  Leave the herd!

If you haven’t read – The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss …. You should!

Tim Ferriss is way out there!  He is far away from herd mentality in his thinking about how to live a full life and generate the income to finance it.

He is young and adventurous ….. and whether he actually works 4 hours a week or not is not the point.  The point is that he is living the life he wants!   And he is making the money to finance it.

On, I have always emphasized that success is born out of differences, not sameness!  Being like everyone else will get you nowhere.

I have also hammered the point that doing more, working harder and going faster does not always equate to productivity.  It is planning, focus and working smarter (and often doing less) that gets you the work-life balance you dream of.

I don’t want to duplicate Tim Ferriss’s life but I sure like some of his ideas, particularly in the areas of non-herd thinking, time economy and outsourcing …. and so will you!

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