Are you a supply pusher?

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It can be a very costly mistake to assume what customers want.  The smart strategy is to first find out what the needs are and then to set about finding a solution to satisfy it.  It is easy to fall into the trap of being a ‘supply pusher’, where you peddle what you have available to sell instead of responding to what customers actually want.

You wouldn’t be the first to launch into business with what you believe to be a good idea and then focus most of your thinking on the technical side of your product or service offering.  It is common to do everything else but make sales, believing that sales will just magically appear.

Unless you have some serious traction and some supporting promotion, it is a mistake to take for granted that simply by opening the doors for business, customers will magically seek you out and rush to buy.  This rarely happens!  The ‘build it and they will come!’ fantasy may have worked in the movie ‘Field of Dreams’, but it rarely works in practice.

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