In business … or buying yourself a job?

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You have been recently employed and now you decide to go into business merely to buy yourself a job.  Nothing really changes except you have ditched the old boss and you are free to do as you wish. 

Not only are you the boss, you are probably the only employee – well someone has to do the work!  Unfortunately, it is likely that you are the boss in name only because the employee mindset rarely changes overnight. 

Even though there is a new boss sitting in the big comfy chair, your thinking is still that of an employee.  Old work habits and employee thinking die hard.

If this is you, then expect to struggle unless you have a fast change of mindset.  Not only do you still think like an employee, you now also lack the resources that your old boss once provided and you don’t receive the guaranteed weekly pay packet as you did in the past, even in those weeks when you didn’t earn it. 

Back then you were a small cog in a big wheel, even if you were called ‘a manager’.  Now you have to be the whole wheel as well as the engine that drives it.  It’s not an easy transition to make.

The tasks that you once performed and mistakenly believed to be central to your former employer’s profit will probably not make you a cent in your own business.  Filling up your day with non-core activity will not make you a profit now. 

You must come to the rapid realisation that only ‘high payoff’ or ‘profit’ activities related to ‘customer demand’ will make you money and you need to work out what they are.

You could be a dangerous liability to your new business if you don’t have a complete change of mind and work ethic. 

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