You have come to a crossroad!


You are sick of being someone else’s lackey and pursuing someone else’s dream.

You wish for change in your life!

It seems that everyone around you has more money, a bigger house, a nicer car and a better relationship.

Your job sucks!

You are tired of the daily commute and the weekly drudgery of work. You only do it to pay the bills, but there is never enough time for yourself.

You feel like you are on a treadmill and that you will never get ahead in life!

The boss expects perfection 24/7 but is far from perfect himself! You bust your hump with honest, loyal service. But you know it means nothing on corporate judgment day!

You want another shot at life!

This time you know what you want. You see what others have! A good life!

The desire for change has been growing inside. You are frustrated and dissatisfied!

You know you can do better and you know deep down you can make it!

You just need a chance to realise your potential!

If dummies can do it, then you can do it in half the time!

Why? Because you have stood by and watched so many dummies around you become wealthy, buy nice things and have a lifestyle of pleasure!

So why is it difficult to change?

Because you are comfortable in your routine! You hate it but it is a comfort zone. You know that your daily routine of long hours, stress on the road, stress in the office, little leisure time, is all to build someone else’s dream, but you can’t quite crack the inertia.

You are a little fearful that if you go out on a limb, the branch will break and you will fall. You fear something will go wrong and you will be worse off!

Relax! You need someone to watch over you!

I have done it and it’s not that hard. All it takes is self belief and a can-do attitude.

If you take a little time to plan, the risk is quite low.

Let me assure you that your fear and self doubt is all in your head.

Do something for yourself!

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  • 3 things you most hate about your life
  • Your 3 greatest passions
  • The barriers you believe are stopping you from moving up in life


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