The art of peace is a metaphor for business

Business coach Brisbane

A calm business mind for me comes from aikido, a subtle Japanese martial art known worldwide as the Art of Peace.  Whilst dojo training is never a life or death situation, it does teach a very useful self protection skill that I can use effectively in 95% of life’s unpleasant situations.   I am not talking about the battle field or the city streets at night.  I am talking about difficult interactions at home, at the office, on the road, at the shops or in the car park. 

Aikido also serves to take me out of my comfort zone regularly and gets me making decisions without thinking whilst under movement.  Remaining calm and relaxed under pressure and under movement is difficult and takes practice.   The good news is that all personal skills are transferrable.  So I simply transfer this state of being to the rest of my life, including my business life.   So even if you don’t have a lot of business skills, staying calm in a crisis and asking for help is your next best option.