Losing Weight in 2013

So what do I know about weight loss?   Well nothing except my own experiences, which I want to share.

As you know, I am a Brisbane-based business coach and financial planner, but I have always struggled with my weight. So if your goal is to lose weight, go to my AIKIDO SECRETS SITE site and check out my personal CHUCK WAGON diet journey.

The secret is to start small and do what you know you can stick with. My diet is simple. Start off bad and each day you improve by throwing out another piece of garbage food off the CHUCK WAGON. Slowly work your way to a new way of eating that involves a whole lot less fat and sugar. The chuck wagon way means that your body adjusts slowly and rather than going cold turkey, you simply get a bit better each day, until you reach your goal.

Also make sure you do something to move your body each day. I like walking for 20-45 minutes but everyone is different. REPEAT day after day. After a few short weeks you will slowly teach your self to be good with food and your little bit of exercise will make you feel rejuvenated.

The Secret to a Very Happy New Year

1. Guard your health; get a medical checkup

2. Start your household budget (I can send you a great easy-to-use template)

3. Save for the present and invest for the future

4. Protect your income and your family

5. Set goals that really mean something to you

2013 is the year to take action to make a difference. No more procrastination; no more excuses. Just start. Others will help and support you but it needs you to kick it off. Don’t just make it a new year resolution. Doing that simply puts a 12-month use-by date on it. Make it a life change. Get emotional about it and get friends and family involved. Go do it for your own sake. How good is the feeling of achievement and self satisfaction.

The art of peace is a metaphor for business

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A calm business mind for me comes from aikido, a subtle Japanese martial art known worldwide as the Art of Peace.  Whilst dojo training is never a life or death situation, it does teach a very useful self protection skill that I can use effectively in 95% of life’s unpleasant situations.   I am not talking about the battle field or the city streets at night.  I am talking about difficult interactions at home, at the office, on the road, at the shops or in the car park. 

Aikido also serves to take me out of my comfort zone regularly and gets me making decisions without thinking whilst under movement.  Remaining calm and relaxed under pressure and under movement is difficult and takes practice.   The good news is that all personal skills are transferrable.  So I simply transfer this state of being to the rest of my life, including my business life.   So even if you don’t have a lot of business skills, staying calm in a crisis and asking for help is your next best option.

Start up your own business

Is 2011 going to be your year to start up your own business?  Have you got something a little different to offer?  Have you got what it takes to survive and grow?  Here are the top 7 traits that I am looking for in my business coaching Brisbane – online class of 2011:

1. Is your motive true?

If you are frustrated with your job or have visions of easy money then you are doing this for the wrong reason.  You need to be passionate about the value of a product, a service or a cause.  You business will reflect who you are; it will become your life – so make it count!

2. Do you have an ethic of hard work?

Most people in business work hard until they learn to work not so hard, but a lot smarter.  However, if you think that business means easy money and that all business people are rich, then you are clearly not cut out for this.

3. Do have persistence?

You are more likely to succeed if you have the determination to keep going especially when things get a little tough.  Business is a journey and success, regardless of how you measure it, is not an overnight achievement.

4. Do know your own strengths and weaknesses?

It is important to have an honest appreciation of what is lacking.  If you know what you are not good at then you can outsource to someone with the desired expertise.  Similarly if you know what you’re good at then you’ll be doing what you do best.

5. Are you a planner or an impulsive leaper?

In business it pays to be a planner.  That is not to say that you shouldn’t take risks.  Planning simply takes the needless risk out of a venture.  Good people, good advice and a thorough understanding of your market will remove a lot of risk.

6. Are you optimistic and opportunistic?

If you can see opportunity where other people see problems, business is probably for you.  You will encounter plenty of problems along the way so having a ‘cup half full’ attitude is desirable.

7. Can you enlist others to your cause?

This is where shallow motives will bring you undone.  If you are living your truth then you will have passion and belief.  They will radiate from you in all directions.  Passion and belief are infectious and people will follow.  Without it, you will be just another struggling merchant.

Until next time!


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