Here’s another height challenged office bully

Gary Weigh

This is sent in by one of my readers. It has got to be the quote of the year from a height-challenged senior manager called Peter. “I’m firm but fair … and I’m the only short man I know who doesn’t have short man syndrome.” Yeah right! It turns out that the little fella is super sensitive about his height.

He is a real charmer (smarmy smooth) but underneath little Pete is a serial office bully of the manipulative kind who relies on undermining, power abuse and status cues to bolster his flagging insecurity. It still doesn’t seem to make him any taller but it does make the office laugh harder behind his back!

This bullying story is hard to top

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Gary Weigh

When I first read bullying story, I was gobsmacked.   This is hard to top!

“This is about a sociopathic office bully called Colin.   Affectionately known as ‘Col’ by his legion of enemies, Colin was a senior manager in a prominent service company who could be best described as a boorish and obnoxious pig.   When introduced to a new employee, he would simply look up from his desk and tell the new incumbent to “get f***ked”.  Nothing more!  Colin thought accessing private information and calling an employee’s home phone at 2.30am to ask the whereabouts of a file was hilariously funny.   He would then proceed to harass and bully the sleepless employee next day. 

Fat and balding, and obviously with a house full of concave mirrors, Colin also fancied himself as a lady’s man.  To make him look tougher and more rugged, he rode a Harley Davidson bike.   To complete the delusional self image, he strongly hinted at being a Vietnam veteran even though he is too young by a decade. But undeterred, he would phone a male employee’s home at what he thought was bedtime for the express purpose of chatting socially with the employee’s wife.  Does he remind you of the loser would-be spy from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ‘True Lies’?”

Keep sending them in!