Practicing the art of business

Business building

In the Japanese art of Aikido it is subtlety, timing, practiced positioning and advanced state of mind that make the art work.  We follow this philosophy when approaching the challenges of business building.  Even in the art of business, practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice does.  At first the  student merely learns the outer forms of techniques.  I say ‘outer forms’ because it is all about first principles and gross movements; about where to put hands and feet.   Over time, the inner forms begin to emerge even though plenty of mistakes are made.   The mind and body finally get it together and begin to act as one.  What used to be the outer forms now become instinctive blueprints. 

Smaller and more subtle movement begins to emerge, taking the place of bigger movements to achieve the same, if not better, result.  Principles of leading, blending, centeredness and control, all driven by strong positive Ki extension finally begin to make sense.  Individual techniques give way to a calm, relaxed and well practiced way of doing things.  Aikido is a great metaphor for practicing business.

Internet marketing goes mobile

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As mobile browsers become standard on future mobile phones, it is estimated that in three years, more people will access the internet through their mobile phones. A mobile website is typically less expensive to develop and it can reach more end users with one site than multiple applications. 

A mobile website will be a must for all internet marketers.  It will offer higher returns on investment than traditional channels such as opening a new brick-and-mortar store.  

This is because consumers are spending increasing amounts of time each day on the mobile web and the larger online companies (e.g. Amazon and eBay) are generating massive revenues through their mobile channels.

A mobile website is ideal for mobile shopping.  Already it is faster to scan a barcode, check a QR code or check a mobile website for product information than it is to ask a shop assistant.

More retailers will turn to platform-specific smartphone apps to deliver enhanced experiences and push marketing communications (e.g. coupons) based on the customer’s current location and personal preferences.

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Business building – make your own luck

Make your own luck!


Luck is really nothing more than chance!   It is a random event!  In business building it is better to be a lot more deliberate and purposeful.

Would you like to leave the success or failure of your business building to chance or random events?  I don’t think so!

We are talking about the future money machine that you are building for you and your family; the one that you have already invested valuable time and money into; the one that you hope will finance the rest of your life.

You make your own luck in business!   Feeling lucky is about feeling in control.  It is about ‘knowing your business’ well enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

It can be a mistake to blindly follow others.  It is often the case that other people’s strategies don’t work so well in your business.  But don’t worry, everyone takes these wrong turns.  Don’t be despondent!  It is a matter of finding the right path for you.

As you find your own way, leave your mind open to the great impact that your own presence, personality and imagination can have on your business.  It is probably far more than you ever thought.

That is what I mean when I have said in previous posts, that when business building, don’t miss the opportunity to paint your business the colour of you!

Business is still about people!  A smiling, positive and attractive YOU will create personal connections that can’t be easily duplicated by others.  It will also save you a fortune on 3rd party marketing.

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