Think like a ‘wealth grower’

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, there are a few positive money habits that you need to adopt before you launch headlong into planning your financial wellbeing.

Forget the millionaire mindset!  You shouldn’t think that you have to be a millionaire to achieve financial wellbeing.  Making small changes and taking small steps is what’s important.

Here’s a Brisbane business building tip! Just do what wealth growers do!  For a start, they don’t live on credit card debt while spending everything they earn.  While wealth growers are quietly growing their wealth crop they don’t splash money around and they don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s next door.

Wealth growers grow wealth by observing a few simple rules:

  1. They don’t spend more than they earn so they do not incur personal debt
  2. They are more comfortable with cash or a debit card rather than a credit card
  3. They don’t buy new; they seek out quality and quality secondhand is fine
  4. They do not succumb to social pressure, herd mentality and impulse buying
  5. They factor both the short term and the long term into their thinking
  6. They put money away regularly into long term fund and allow it to do its work
  7. If they want to buy cars and holidays etc in the shorter term, they start another savings / investment fund for that (i.e. they don’t dip into the long term fund)
  8. They don’t waste money on things that depreciate in value; They buy things that are likely to rise in value

Adopting the wealth growers’ rules will be your way forward also.   Start by paying off your credit card and cutting it up.  Get a debit card and re-introduce yourself to the concepts of cash and saving.

If you get into these simple habits, you will be well on your way to financial wellbeing.

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Australians are waking up financially

here’s a Brisbane business building tip!  The majority of Australians want advice without strings attached.  People simply want financial wellbeing without all the rigmarole. Because consumers are mistrustful of financial planners they are researching more and paying more attention to financial matters that they believe are relevant to them.

People are starting to take more notice and become more financially aware.  Whilst the majority of Australians are not financially trained or skilled, they are starting to ask questions and challenge the status quo.

Typically, people want to know:

  • How they can get a better superannuation deal and take advantage of government incentives to top up their retirement savings (after realising that their superannuation actually is their money)
  • More about the advantages and disadvantages of residential property
  • More about the risks associated with investments and how to choose investments that match their personal comfort level of risk
  • Ways to protect themselves and their financial future
  • How to qualify for the age pension and maximise the pension payments
  • How make their money last and how to pass their wealth on to their children whilst denying the opportunity to sons / daughters in law to walk away with their wealth in a divorce
  • How to retire with reasonable security

People of all ages want to know make their money go further and escape the financial rut.  Most people don’t aspire to be millionaires.  They just want to improve their lot to a level of reasonable comfort, do the very best they can for their children, and have a secure and peaceful retirement.   In other words, financial wellbeing!

The area of personal finances is not only about additional income and investments.  It is a broad knowledge base that includes protecting income and investments; making and / or saving money by having access to a professional who knows the hundreds of government rules that apply to this discipline.

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What people really want from personal financial planners

Another Brisbane business building tip!  It pays to see things from the customer’s point of view.

What do most customers really want when they seek personal financial planning services?  Although they want to achieve a desirable level of financial wellbeing, what they really want often differs from the services that most financial planners want to provide.

There is growing demand in Australia to make financial advice affordable, easily accessible, easily understood and deliverable in smaller portions (as apposed to large complex financial plans).

The industry is changing and this requires a complete change of thinking on the part of financial advice providers.

I know from experience that the majority of people:

  • Don’t always want huge, expensive and hard to read Statements of Advice containing complex advice that attempts to map out the rest of their lives. (Why?  Because life can change so quickly)
  • Appreciate an expert resource with a depth of knowledge and experience they can draw on
  • Would really like to talk to someone who would simply answer questions
  • Appreciate having risks and opportunities that are not obvious to them, drawn to their attention
  • Like to browse for factual and current information without sales pressure
  • Have a continuing love affair and well founded belief in direct property, particularly residential property, even though it is not commonly addressed or recommended by financial planners
  • Are not necessarily wanting to buy a financial product when they seek advice

People who seek financial advice crave it with no strings attached.  They are looking for guidance and advice that is independent any particular product, and not given by someone who is employed by a product provider.

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