Quit living in the past

Forever replaying the losses of the past in an endless loop is energy draining. Loss of relationships, loss of customers, loss in negotiation, loss of money, loss of opportunity and loss of face are events that we would like to re-live and change the ending.

Typical emotions are anger, frustration, vengeance, sadness and hollowness.  All these emotions are negative and draining.  And the major problem here is a reluctance to move forward until the mind has sufficiently dealt with all of these past losses.

It really holds you back.  It is easy to get stuck in a rut.  After all, who can be innovative and creative when full of anger and frustration.  Your business needs innovation to continue to grow.  You need to manage your emotions to do what needs to be done.

You must find a way to live easily with the past.  If it means making better decisions, then do that.  Seek advice from others, take your time deciding, do some more research and think through the consequences.  Do what you need to do but when you make your decision, be prepared to accept the consequences.

If you do this you won’t feel so regretful later and hopeful avoid the endless loop replays of despair. That will make it a lot easier to stay focused in the present and get some work done.

Until next time!