Create peaks in your business life

If you are creating your own peaks then you really can’t spend too much time in the valleys. Here are 8 great ideas to help your thought process in generating happiness, interest and excitement in your business life.

Reset your goals each year and ensure there are some short term milestones and thus reasons to celebrate throughout the year

Give you and your team a reason to get out of bed each morning with performance based incentives.  Think carefully about this one!  Your ‘team’ extends way past your employees.

Research something new.  Always have a new project on the drawing board.  Plan it, research it, roll it around the group but don’t make it too complicated or unwieldy

Reward yourself by giving.  The act of giving will usually make you feel good.  This doesn’t mean you give away money or your emotional energy. Give a client a thank you; give an employee your trust; give empathy to someone having a bad day, give a pick-me-up gift, give your attention and interest to a person’s offer or suggestion.

Find a reason to celebrate – e.g. a birthday, a milestone reached, a goal kicked, good news, a good deed

Pay yourself – if you are being paid just like everyone else to do a job in your own business, you will be more inclined to get on and do it.  Feeling like the poorest but hardest working employee is debilitating.

Short ‘help-me’ meetings – can lift the spirits at any time.  The help can be for your self or for someone else.  It can be small informal chat over coffee about a problem, a suggestion, a concern, or an opportunity.

Go to a business seminar or network function – the aim is to learn something, to be inspired and/ or to meet someone.  These meetings are full of like-minded people, just like you, who are there for exactly the same reasons.

Until next time!