National Adviser Exam – 4 Things Stood Out

When I first read the FASEA National Adviser Exam Policy, four things stood out.

1. It looks very much like an examination of the process of providing advice within the bounds of the law and relevant codes, regardless of technical specialty.

2. The length of the exam is quite long at 3.5 hours including 15 minutes reading time. I cannot recall ever having sat an examination of that length, even at post-graduate level. Be prepared, it’s a long time to maintain focus under exam conditions.

3. The exam format is reminiscent of a first year University exam where 300 or so first year students are seated in a large exam centre surrounded by invigilators. Whilst it will be a familiar experience for those who have previously attended University, it may be daunting to advisers who have not, particularly older advisers.

4. The pass mark is set at credit level (e.g. 65%), not 50%, which is not unusual for professional accreditation

On the positive side of course, the subject matter of the exam should be very familiar to most. However, advisers should not to take this exam for granted because the devil is likely to be in the detail of the legislation, regulatory guides and the relevant codes of ethics and conduct.