Make money fun – 7 money kisses

Money kisses - like a peck on the cheek from Mum

Well I’m not noted for writing articles that might be loosely described as … ummm … light reading – but here goes.

To make money fun, I have come up with 7 money kisses and I want you to send me more.

Money kisses?   Yes the name is a bit kitchy but reading them is like receiving a light peck on the cheek from your Mum.

So please put on your thinking caps.  I know there are over 30,000 of you reading my blog each month so leave your money kiss as a comment.

Leave your link and email address and receive the complete money kisses list when it is done.

No deep thinking or brain strain is required.  They are fun and they remind us what money is all about.

So here are my 7:

1. To say that money means nothing to you is simply an excuse for staying poor

2. Making money is much more self-satisfying than struggling in poverty

3. Stressing over money will not attract it; only positive thoughts and action will

4. Money is the finance for the life you dream of

5. Money allows choices but it is you who must choose the life you want

6. Money can trap you in the illusion of well-being

7. Money is a means, not an end.  He who dies with the most money is still dead

So there you go.  Money kisses sum up things to do with money so well.  The take-home is don’t fear it and don’t take it too seriously.  If you are stressing over it, ask for help.

BTW do you have any money kisses?  🙂   or maybe a money quote or a saying?

If you want to help make money fun or make fun of money, please send them to me.  Leave a comment.

If you make a contribution and leave your email address, I will email you the comprehensive money kisses list when it is completed.  The target is 400.  Have fun!

Until next time!