Lose your temper, lose your self

“If you can’t control your anger, you are as helpless as a city without walls waiting to be attacked.”  The Book of Proverbs

business buildingLosing self-control on an individual level is problem enough, but collectively, the inability to exercise self-control is mankind’s enemy number one.  Why?  Because it inhibits the process of peace and harmony!   It leads to aggressiveness and violence with the occasional outbreak of peace.   Welcome to the world we live in.

 Once negative emotions such as anger, contempt, and disgust are out of the box, they can’t be put back in.   The poorly chosen words and behaviours that follow in an eruption of uncontrolled weakness can’t be undone.   It is a volatility that gets noticed for all the wrong reasons.

 If self-control is lacking so too is the ability to lead or to attract people to your cause.  True leaders are calm and inspirational people, not ranters or politicised mouthpieces.  And a cause doesn’t have to be a country or a campaign for change.  It could be your business, career or a personal relationship.

 Whatever the goal, wherever the journey leads, it is the inner qualities of the person that shape each and every step taken.  Inner calmness and the ability to control the self are the starting points – regardless.