Business planning – Train your reps in business development!

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Business development is a lot more than increasing your sales strike rate.  It is about helping your sales people and / or your self employed reps to build a long term business – theirs and yours!

Include it as part of your annual business planning!

If you can train your reps to look beyond the next sale, towards building a long term asset for themselves (and in turn for you) they will be on a winner and so will you!

Your licensees might be:

  • Financial planning authorised reps
  • Insurance authorised reps
  • Credit & lending authorised reps
  • Commission based real estate agents
  • New franchisees
  • Commission based product sellers.

Even if you have employed sales reps, it can only help your business growth to apply sensible business principles to their activities.

One way or another, business development training is a valuable long term investment in your own business.

Train your reps individually, in group sessions or at your next conference!

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