The humble entrepreneur

Business consultancy

Being wrong can feel exactly the same as being right, because even in error, the blind assumption of righteousness underlies the assertion.  However, that feeling can change dramatically at the moment the error is realised.   Embarrassment, humiliation, shame are just some of the words to describe what follows that well known sinking feeling.  But it needn’t be that way because ‘error’ is one half of the age-old problem solving tool called ‘trial and error’.  Without recognition of error there are no further trials and no therefore no progression to a solution.  So this is the time where we should differentiate belief in the self from blind righteous belief.  A little humility and Ego detachment go a long way when it comes to assertions of right and wrong.   For the entrepreneur, nothing gets done without self belief, but blind righteous belief in an erroneous assertion could lead to a very costly business failure indeed.