…. And here are another seven (7) operational threats to think about!

If you are already in business or seriously thinking of starting up a business, I would like to further highlight and emphasise the need for business planning.

If you thought the previous seven (7) threats to your business (read my previous post) were the only ones you need to consider, well here’s another seven (7) for you to think about.

  1. Management incompetence (lack of knowledge, experience or financial skills)
  2. Rogue staff member (with intent to damage reputation, sets up in competition)
  3. Breach of security (deliberate / accidental leaking, online hacking, viruses)
  4. Over-gearing (too much borrowed money, worsened by rising interest rates)
  5. Litigation (by customer, competitor, supplier, bank, Tax office)
  6. Market downturn (e.g. economic, monopolistic activity, lack of demand shift)
  7. Product obsolescence (failure to follow demand and/or keep up with technology)

And it doesn’t stop there!

Yes there are many more operational threats to think about, so if you haven’t done any planning lately, it’s never too late to start.

Business planning is not only for those starting up a business.  It is also for those who are already in business and who so far have led a charmed life.

The typical Aussie retort, “She’ll be right mate!” doesn’t cut it these days. Business is far too knowledge based and technology based.  ‘Not keeping up’ is a big risk.

Whilst the customer is still King (or Queen), there is so much to know and do these days away from the cash register, that one could be forgiven for thinking that the customer is a mere hindrance.

It only takes one of these threats to obliterate or seriously damage your business – not all of them!    So take my advice and get professional advice!

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Starting up your own business – identifying opportunity

Looking for business opportunities is fun.  It is an exciting and empowering process.  Opportunities, when converted, ultimately lead to business growth by adding new clients, new products and additional sales from existing clients.  There is nothing quite so self satisfying!

Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you – make them happen.  Opportunism is a business practice that doesn’t receive enough emphasis in business training.  It is the creation of everything.

So where is opportunity found?  The broad answer is ‘outside your business!’   There are far more revenue opportunities outside you business than inside it.  Opportunities inside your business are usually related to technology, cost reduction and productivity.

Opportunity seeking is a mindset, not a specific location.  Actively seeking opportunities for unfulfilled demand is central to the entrepreneurial spirit, but only a positive and optimistic mind will find them.

The opportunistic mindset is one of abundance, not of lack and scarcity.  If you think there is opportunity awaiting you, there is.  Alternatively, if you think there is no opportunity, there isn’t.

Your opportunity could be local, industry wide or global.  It all depends what you are looking for and how expansively you choose to think.  History is often a good teacher, so look to the past to find clues to future opportunity.  In looking for trends, consider the following questions in relation to the past 3-5 years.

  • Who has disappeared from your industry and why?
  • How has the internet changed your industry?
  • What new technology has been developed in your industry?
  • Do you see any product or service parallels between you industry and another industry?
  • Are your clients and their demands the same today as they were then?
  • Has government legislation banned, allowed or changed anything?

Expand your thinking outside of what you are currently doing.  Don’t allow your future to be determined only by your existing clients.  There is nothing more exciting than creating your own future by proactively identifying opportunities.  The future does not belong to procrastinators, but to brave business explorers.

When you find opportunity, don’t sit on it.  Most opportunities have a use-by date.  In other words, if you don’t act, someone else will sooner or later find it and act on it.  And where does that leave you? ….. Usually out in the cold thinking “Oh what could have been!”

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Starting up your own business – make money while you sleep

‘Making money while you sleep’ means earning income without your direct time input.  Most people stay poor because they merely sell their time and do nothing more to supplement their income.

Time-based income will always be limited because you only have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year to sell; and you have to sleep sometime, right?

To remove the limits on your income potential, you must disconnect your income from the amount of hours in a day or the time you have for sale.  The key to earning income while you sleep is leveraging.  This means having a quality product or service that is in demand, and then leveraging off other people’s time, other people’s money, other people’s products and resources.

There are many ways to make money while you sleep.  It is all about setting up a number of income-generating systems and then allowing each to do its work.  Recurring income streams can be generated online and offline.

The goal is to diversify!  So you should set up many different recurring income streams so that if a problem occurs with one, the others will still be working for you.  That removes a great deal of the risk of interruption from your overall future income earning ability.

Online income streams usually take some time and effort to set up but they are a lot easier to automate, thereby requiring minimal input from you.  Offline income streams generally require a higher level of ongoing input and maintenance because the offline world has fewer tools to automate the process.

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The irony is that the secrets aren’t really all that secret.  It’s just that few people are trained in these areas; they ignore the basics and fail to do the simple things well.  Instead, they turn to the promise of fast money online solutions.

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