A true peace of mind product

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Is there really a product or service that offers peace of mind?  In the conventional sense, there are plenty that represent one less thing to worry about.  But actual peace of mind – the type with calmness and peacefulness without dissension, distraction or self conflict?  Not so many!   Martial and meditative arts spring to mind.  Regarded as leisure sports and pastimes by those that don’t practice these arts, I would recommend them as first class ‘mind development products’.

More specifically, their practice actively engages a process of developing a strong and positive mind.  For me, the art is Aikido, a subtle Japanese art commonly referred to as the art of peace.  It is actually the art of not fighting – internally as well as externally.  It is an art so refined that it actually doesn’t work unless the mind is calm like a millpond and the body is relaxed under both stress and movement.  That makes it a hell of an art to master, or even to be reasonably good at, but it has some mind-blowing development aspects (pardon the pun).

Try it sometime and watch your business boom!

Live laterally! Expand your life sideways

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Luck does not fall in your lap.  You must find ways to find it.  Or maybe it was sitting on your lap all along.  In that case you need to learn how to see it.

Here’s how to do it.  This is the guide.  the detail of what, how and who is entirely up to you.  It depends on what you are looking for.

  • Develop a calm positive mind
  • Look out further than a day
  • Gain new knowledge
  • Intersect new people
  • Be prepared for what you find

These are the 5 keys to finding opportunity and what many would call luck.  It is true that the more get out of your rut; the more persistent you are; the more you expand your horizons, the luckier you will get.  You never know; you may find something a whole lot better that you never set out to look for.

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