Online business building – what is involved?

Business building online is a lot cheaper than doing it in the bricks and mortar world but there are still real costs to outlay.  Here’s how it works.

In general, these are the steps required to profitably build business online:

  1. Build a suitable internet marketing site
  2. Communicate with potential customers
  3. Build target traffic
  4. Induce desired behaviour (e.g. call, opt-in, click, buy)
  5. Make sales transactions
  6. Turn transactions into repeat sales
  7. Build a qualified customer list

There is an abundance of free tools on the internet that will allow you to do some of the things listed above.  Their mere availability leads many to the mistaken assumption that online business building is free.

Online business building is not free.  It requires a wealth of diversified talent; and rarely does this talent reside in just one person.  Good internet marketers outsource each part of their processes to specialists around the world.

Site builders, programmers, SEO experts, sales copy writers, product researchers, advertising specialists, article writers …. just to name a few.  Every sub-contractor expects to be paid, hence the costs.

Fortunately, many reside in countries where the Australian and US dollar are extremely valuable, so costs are low relative to onshore labour costs.  At the same time, productivity tends to be high.  Subcontractors either perform and do the job right the first time or they never get a second chance.

Like any business, there are upfront (site) establishment costs and ongoing service costs.  The bigger is the online business, the bigger are the costs involved.  However, there is one important difference between online business and offline business.

Regardless of the costs involved, the income potential of a 100% online business, operating in world wide cyber space, is actually limitless.  The same can’t be said of most offline businesses.

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The Coach