A different approach to personal financial planning

Financial planning is a poorly understood concept that for many people is too expensive and overshadowed by adviser mistrust.  Many avoid financial planners because they believe that they will be sold a commission based financial product that they don’t really want, without being any better off financially.

It may be more intuitive to refer to financial planning as personal money management.  That is the art of generating income, managing household finances and accumulating assets.  You can do such a lot yourself with a little basic knowledge.

Most financial planners are well educated and really good at helping you with the more complex issues or those that carry a truckload of government rules (e.g. social security, insurance, super, retirement, estate planning).

The issue for most people is not that they don’t care.  It is that they don’t know.  People are simply unaware of what they don’t know and they don’t know who to trust to find out.  That is why it is essential to get information from someone trustworthy who does know.

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