Two sides to the budget story!

When most people sit down to do a budget they regard their income as a given and look to reducing expenses to create savings.  Financial wellbeing is a lot more than cutting expenses.  There are other ways to make money for you.

Income is never fixed – except in your mind!  If you think like that you will quickly reach the glass ceiling that will keep you locked down in poverty forever.

So here is another piece of wealth grower’s thinking:

  • Income is never fixed
  • There is no upper limit to income
  • The only limit on income is the one in your own head

The objection I hear most is:

“I can’t increase my income because I am already working 50 hours a week.”

The answer to this objection is:

“You must start thinking outside the box!”

Do you think for a moment that wealthy people earn a million dollars a year by working 40 hours a week at an hourly rate of $500 per hour?   Of course they don’t!

You have assumed that everyone is like you …. that they are employed by someone else and selling their time.  By doing that, you have already placed a limit on your income because there is a limit to how much time you can sell.

There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.  Therefore there is a limit of 8,736 hours in a year.  It might sound like a big limit but it is still a limit – and you have to sleep sometime.

Your budget is your opportunity to at least recognise the need for additional income, and work out how much more you need.  How you actually achieve it is a matter of strategy.

So you can see that budgeting is not only about cutting down and re-prioritising household expenses.  Your first pass budget is your wake up call!

And then when you figure out ways to make a surplus in your household, your budget becomes your blue print to financial wellbeing.

Your goal to earn more income and build wealth starts with your budget. It the simplest financial planning tool of all to make money for you.

Yes it might require some time and tears; and eventually some creative thought; and yes it may well involve a bit of hard work and sacrifice.

But at least I have pointed you in the right direction.  Whether you move forward or not is your choice!

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Until next time!