The power of introverts

Business building

Thank you so much Susan Cain for having the courage to so ably represent us.  Introverts have such great business ideas but also have great difficulty promoting them.  We create businesses that stay too long in the shadows, relatively unknown.  We love the technical stuff but dislike the promotional stuff.  Networking and public speaking are the hardest things we ever have to do.  The internet marketing and social media outlets have provide introverts with an alternate range attractive promotional options.  We like the elements of anonymity and solitude inherent in sitting at a computer.  But it is still difficult for us to be the centre of attention, albeit in cyberspace.  We still feel as though we are lost in the noise of spammers and extroverts.  At some time or other, we think we need extroverted sales people to do that bit for us, so we can get on with the more grippingly enjoyable tasks of generating internal brilliance.

But there is another way.  That is to join forces and hunt as a pack.  Ok it is going to be a very silent pack but a powerful network of like minds nevertheless.  Take a look at this TED video at  Can we silently and cautiously network with each other, and share ideas and opportunities?  I think we can and together I think we can make a difference.  I hope you enjoy listening to Susan Cain.  She’s my hero.