Business building – drill deeper into the buying decision


If you are thinking about business building, try thinking about your business as a club and think ways to increase its membership.  Consider the attributes that a club might have, other than its main activity.  For example:

  1. An identifying style of dress
  2. A jargon of its own
  3. A unique set of rituals
  4. Similar morals and values
  5. It’s own internal means of communication
  6. Similar ideas outside the 4 walls of the club
  7. A social aspect

It is essential to realise that the reasons for membership of a club are wide and varied, and the reason is not always the long held love of the specific activity in common.

For example, people do not always join a martial arts club because they are hankering to learn the specific art on offer.  They may join because they have been bullied; they want to be able to defend themselves; they want to lose their fear and feel confident; they seek to meet fit and healthy people; they seek a lifestyle regime of self discipline and self respect, or perhaps they seek a non-religious spiritual path.

People don’t always join a tennis club because they have a burning desire to play tennis.  The reasons include learning or improving a skill, getting out of the house, socialising, meeting new people, health and fitness.  The game itself might be quite a secondary issue.

The same applies to your particular products and services.  You can bet people are satisfying a much deeper need when they come to you.  It is not as superficial as having a burning desire for your particular product offering.

For example, what people are really buying when they sign up for a life insurance policy is peace of mind!   Always aware that the premiums ultimately buy nothing if there is no premature death and no claim, it is therefore a tradeoff against ongoing financial protection of loved ones.  The emotion involved in the buying decision is fear … that is, fear of loss.

More on business building next time!