Brisbane floods – what a difference a day makes

Brisbane flood 2011 – Jindalee

When I posted my last blog entry a few days ago, I had no idea about the natural disaster that was about to befall us.  Most of Queensland has been severely flooded with tragic loss of life and disastrous damage to houses, property and businesses.   On Wednesday and Thursday, Ipswich and my hometown of Brisbane were deluged.

I was so lucky that the water did not reach my house but many of my neighbours and friends were rendered homeless.  Today I have been doing what I can to help these folks with the massive cleanup task.  Parts of Jindalee, Mt. Ommaney and Westlake look like bomb sites.  Spirits are generally high but in some parts, it’s a sea of misery.

The smell of the slimy mud that covers everything is foul and overpowering.    Toads, lizards, eels and snakes have taken up unwelcome residence after being driven  into the submerged buildings by the rising flood water.

Thousands of people are without a home.  Many have lost everything except the clothes they are standing in.  In many cases, buildings are electrically unsafe.  It is so gratifying to see people helping their friends, family and, in many cases, perfect strangers. Offers of accommodation, hot showers and food come from everywhere.

Unfortunately, hundreds of cars slowly cruise past the disaster sites with occupants gawking at the misery and misfortune, all the while snapping photos.  Not of these carnage tourists ever stop to help.  It’s a human disgrace!

Even though you may not be able to lend assistance directly, you can help in a very tangible way by supporting the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal.

Make a donation at the Queensland Government floods website:

Thank you for your help.  It is much appreciated.


Check out this home video which starts with 1-hourly time lapse photography as the flood water rises and ends with a tour of a house about to be submerged.