Here’s another height challenged office bully

Gary Weigh

This is sent in by one of my readers. It has got to be the quote of the year from a height-challenged senior manager called Peter. “I’m firm but fair … and I’m the only short man I know who doesn’t have short man syndrome.” Yeah right! It turns out that the little fella is super sensitive about his height.

He is a real charmer (smarmy smooth) but underneath little Pete is a serial office bully of the manipulative kind who relies on undermining, power abuse and status cues to bolster his flagging insecurity. It still doesn’t seem to make him any taller but it does make the office laugh harder behind his back!

Diversify and lower your risk

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Gary Weigh

At our Australian business consultancy, there is no need to take enormous risk to get a good consistent return on your investment.  There are many options.  Investing your time and money into your own business which produces a profit is one way to earn a return on your investment. 

Another option is to head for a more passive investment where you are not so ‘hands-on’ involved.  For example you can invest in shares and earn a dividend.  The regular dividends would be the return on your investment. 

It all depends on how you perceive risk!  If the share market is too volatile for you, putting your money into term deposit (for example) is another more conservative way to earn a return on your investment.

So which way should you go?  This all depends on you.  Spreading your risk by not having all your eggs in one basket is a smart thing to do.  However, you should be careful not to spread yourself too far.  You should also stick with what you know or, if you don’t know …. Start learning!

You should seek professional guidance.  There is no substitute for knowledge and understanding.

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