Timing is everything

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Timing is everything

There is an important ingredient often missing from the business starter’s skill set.  That is a sense of business timing.

When considering starting a business, there is a time to start and a time to exit; a time to buy and a time to sell; a time to move and a time to wait; a time to show strength and a time to go with the flow.  In this sense, timing means that there are some moments in time that are better than others to act or to cease to act.

However, there are no firm rules.  It is a matter of experience and practiced judgment.  So it is not surprising that the nuances of timing are lost to inexperienced business starters.

Poor timing is due in part to a lack of time in the driver’s seat.  It is due in part to poor awareness and observation skills and to a lack of knowledge and also to a failure to keep knowledge up to date.

A good example of poor judgment in relation to timing can be best described by the Australian adage of ‘flogging a dead horse’ (staying too long on a bad idea).  It is often said, that one of the defining attributes of a successful entrepreneur is persistence.  However, sheer persistence will win the day only on the condition that the underlying idea or concept is sound.

Inexperience tends to discount persistence as a major contributing factor in success.  The truth is that success is rarely an overnight event.  It just appears that way because it has become visible to a large proportion of the population.  It is true that persistence plays a big part, but timing is crucial as well.

No matter how persistent you are about breaking through and succeeding, there is still a ‘preferred time’ to introduce a new idea (time-in) and there is only a finite amount of time that it can be financially supported, before a decision is made to cease (time-out).  The time-in, the period of time and the time-out depend on individual circumstances and available resources.

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