National Adviser Exam – Don’t Stand in the Shadow of the 2021 Deadline

I have been receiving feedback recently that many advisers are considering deferring the exam until next year; apparently, a strategic ‘wait until the dust settles’ approach.

If you wait until next year, you will have the added pressure of ‘standing in the shadow of the guillotine’; being the figurative instrument that will sever you from your business or employment on 1 January 2021 if you don’t pass the exam.

My advice is to start your pre-exam study program and sit in September or December this year. At worst, a resit may be required early next year. Either way, you won’t subject yourself to the unnecessary stress of such a harsh and ever-looming deadline.

At the completion of my first tutorial program, there is consensus that that none of the topics in the FASEA exam curriculum is particularly difficult, but most advisers were surprised at the large amount of ground there was to cover.

Two advisers in my current program are sitting the June exam (the rest in September). Both advisers positively embraced the program, prioritised time, and were diligent in their reading and preparation. If they stay calm in the exam and manage their time well, they will succeed.