My top 10 tips for wealth building

It makes no difference whether you are considering investing in the stock market or in building your own business.  The only difference here is that stocks and shares are considered to be ‘passive’ investments, while your own business is an ‘active’ investment.  In other words you are hands-on, elbows-deep every day.

  1. Invest in yourself, the best asset you have
  2. There’s no time better than now; it’s never too late to start
  3. Keep your plans simple formed around goals that motivate you
  4. Make a habit out of goal setting, budgeting, saving & investing (repeat)
  5. Adapt and diversify; earn big and live small
  6. In every case fully understand the risks you are taking
  7. Don’t allow opinion, fads or trends to derail you; stay true to your vision
  8. You can never go wrong with quality people, products & services
  9. Know your market; understand the rules; maximise your opportunities
  10. Protect both yourself and your growing wealth; one relies on the other