Managing start up business – 9 essentials to consider

9 Essentials to consider when managing start up business

  1. Offer something different
  2. Focus on the customer; the service; the satisfaction and the retention
  3. Prepare a written plan and road test it before you commit totally
  4. Ditch the 9-5 employee mindset and become the lateral thinking entrepreneur
  5. Recognize your strengths and ask for help where you know you need it
  6. Set your KPIs; know your pricing, costing & breakeven point; watch your cash
  7. Stick to your plan unless there is good reason to change
  8. Work hard but focus only on the things that matter, learn as you go
  9. Stay calm and practice a little humility

The single most important piece of advice I can offer is to seek advice before you take the plunge into your own business.  In my experience (which is a lot), the conversation after the fact is usually about where things went wrong.  A common mistake people make is focusing on what they personally like, and therefore assume customers would like; rather than on finding out what customers really want.

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