Don’t be in business to please other people.

It is important to do whatever makes you happy.  Building a business structure to please other people is a dog’s life and a draining existence.  If you don’t like what you do for a living, then do something else.  Build a new business direction.  Upgrade technology.  Take a holiday.    Do whatever it takes.

If you find that people are trying to control you, using you, abusing your good nature or wasting your time, then change it.  Make the first change within yourself.

Move yourself to a new level of self respect.  You will find that people will treat you poorly only to the extent that you allow them.  High self respect usually attracts higher respect from others.

It may also involve putting distance between you and others.  If there are people you can’t remove from your business life, remove your self.  Sack troublesome clients.  Make new business friends.  Find the source of your unhappiness and frustration and fix it.

You really have to find your own place of peace and happiness.  Remember that your place of peace might not be another place at all.  It may be that you really need to find a feeling of peace and calm inside you.

Until you stop worrying what other people think about you, you will never break the invisible shackles that hold you back from realising your own dreams.  Take advice as you see fit but make your own decisions.

Be prepared to be at ease with the consequences your decision creates.  That may mean an honest conversation with family, friends, colleagues or staff.

In business it is important to do things your way.  Don’t create committees; just follow your own path.  As I have said before, colour your business the colour of you.

Your role is to present your business to the world and to control its destiny.  By doing so, you will be creating your own destiny.

Until next time!