Do different to see different

If you want to find different things then look in different places.  So many people I meet in my business coaching Brisbane consultancy are looking for that one good idea that will be their financial success and professional triumph.   Well the harsh reality is that you are never going to find it while you look at the same old view through the same old eyes.  You have got to do something different before you can see something different.  So here are five (5) ideas to start with:

  1. Stop watching the evening news.  It is the same each day; all bad news apart from the standard kitten rescue story; more crime, more scams, more accidents; more people killed and injured; politicians still scrapping; share market going up or down; and the value of the dollar still fluctuating
  2. Think about what you would do if it was your job to research and present the nation’s good news.  For a start, you would have to turn off your police CB radio and stop following ambulances.  Secondly, you could look past today and lengthen your time frame from a day to a month.  Thirdly, you could appoint yourself as the researcher and editor of “Monthly Good News and Innovation”.  There is plenty of good news and positive stories out there.
  3. Quit short term thinking.  Nothing worthwhile is ever going to happen in a day.  It is the daily routines that inhibit lateral living
  4. You must get out of the house or the office; that’s where the rest of the world is.  It is also where all of the opportunity is.  Join a club, go walking, play a sport; do something different (and enjoyable) to kick start your emergence from the rut
  5. Start seeing the world through different eyes.  Do some travel, learn new skills and meet new people outside of your normal group, and even outside your home town, state or country