Christmas and New Year – reflection, decisions and resolutions!

It’s Christmas again.  It’s the holidays and a time when families gather and reunite.  It’s a time of prayer and thanks.  Unfortunately, in the lead-up to Christmas, it is also a time of frenzied shopping, high stress, strained budgets and extreme personal debt.

In some ways Christmas is a lull before the reality of the New Year looms large.  So what awaits us in 2011?  Without doing anything differently, the certainties include – increased food costs, fuel costs, utility costs and mortgage costs; plus credit card debt that will reach a new high.  And 2011 is only 10 days away.

This time of the year is a period of reflection; of introspection – of another year past, of relationships with partner, children, family and friends, of home; of money, and of career highs and lows.

Christmas – New Year is a time of decision making and choice.  Will next year be the same as this year?  Is this where I want to be 12 months from now?  How can I improve my life, and that of my family?  What can I do differently?

With the heralding of the 2011 comes a strengthening of resolve.  The New Year always brings new hope – the hope that this year will be better than the last.

One decision; one action; one thing done differently, is all it takes to change the course of your life forever.  Change doesn’t have to be a complete and drastic overhaul.  It is easiest to manage when it consists of baby steps.

In making your life’s decisions this year, try take one step closer to living up to your true capability.

You might want a new relationship but you may conclude that to be happy within yourself, you need to give up smoking first.  You might want more money but you may realise that first you need to acquire more work knowledge and pull together a professional resume.

Set your goal but remember that you are on a goal journey.  Your first step is not your last step.  There is usually a few obstacles to remove along the way.  No goal worth achieving is ever going to be blitzed all in one go.

What matters is taking the first step on your goal journey; and then being reminded to take the second step; and so on, until you can find the way on your own.

No matter what your circumstances; no matter how locked-in, out-of-your-depth or helpless you feel there is always someone who can help you take the first step.

So whatever Christmas means to you, I hope your thoughts lead to positive action in the New Year; and that the one forward step you decide to take in 2011 enhances your own wellbeing and respects the lives and choices of others.

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Until next time ….. Merry Christmas!